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In order to make it easier to compare and supplement the information for different countries and regions of the world, it is proposed to use the following general page structure:

  • Where: Organize information by countries and their administrative divisions, plus a global division and maybe at some point into regions like South America, Central America, ... Using the Google Maps tool of CoastalZone.Info it's easy to add new landmarks.
  • Why: policies, visions, strategies, objectives, ...
  • How: Laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, agreements ...
  • Who: Actors at different levels of administration (e.g. national, regional, communal)
  • What: Activities in the various sectors such as public, private, academic, civil society, ...
  • When: Adding the date to the information provided. Apart from that all stakeholders and players of coastal areas are invited to use this site to organize themselves and their activities better, e.g. announcing their events using the calendar.


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